Sunday, June 8, 2008

It might be unbelievable...but don't get me wrong.

I counted today. In three months, I have acquired:

85 samples, 12 bottles, 2 books, and a startling love for perfume. And a little bit of debt, if I'm honest.

I cannot imagine myself winging away to Sniffa until I have a real job and am finished with school/the bar/getting settled into a new place, but I would say that I am deep in the throes of a developing perfume habit. It haunts me in the night. "More juice!" a voice whispers in my ear. "Must have more juice!"

I have also realized that I have very different sampling habits than the grand dames of net.perfumista-ing. I tend not to sample more than one thing at a time unless I'm comparing things within the same scent 'family' (which mostly exist in my head, but consist of trying two or three roses or irises side by side until I figure out which one I will actually buy). I tend to sample something across an entire day, usually giving it an afternoon reapply as I would anything else. Unless I have multiple events of *very* different sorts on the same day, I tend to stick with one thing throughout, though I might try something else at night as I sleep. I will drive home at lunch if I forget to scent in the morning. It has gotten so bad I have samples stashed in my desk at work -- at all three jobs!

And lastly, but perhaps most important to me, is that I wear the things I have bottles of. Not all the time. Not as a signature scent. But more often than I sample. I think I sample three days a week and wear somerthing I genuinely like the other four. And my comfort scent, the scent I really go to when I feel nervous or scared, is L'Artisan Dzing! Not exactly uncomplicated, but in sync with me on those days when I feel nervous or intimidated by life. I smell it on myself throughout the day, and it makes me smile, and then I feel better. Like hearing a favorite song or walking down the street wearing headphones. It's like a secret language you speak only to yourself.

I think tomorrow is going to be a Chanel day. I finally received my bottle of Chanel No. 5 EDT. It is my first "classic" acquisition. If I don't wake up with a case of the Mondays, I will probably try it out with my aqua button down. If, however, tomorrow morning comes as fast as my currently tired bones anticipated, I think I will need something *far* crankier...maybe CB's Memory of Fire or INeKE's Derring-do? It would go well with my cranky morning blouse. On bad days at work, sometimes I calculate how many samples I can get for an hour of work. If I tell myself "every 12 minutes is another new olfactory adventure" sometimes those long afternoons aren't so bad.

Don't get me wrong,
ff I come and go like fashion.
I might be great tomorrow
but hopeless yesterday...
Don't get me wrong.


Divina said...

Hi! I only found your blog a couple of days ago and I wanted to wish you success with it! May writing it give you as much pleasure as mine gives me :) Welcome to our scented circle! I'll be visiting you. Here's to new discoveries and new friends.

You've been linked!

Take care,

Divina from Fragrance Bouquet

double.bound said...

Thanks for the link!