Beauty Blogging

Since 2008, I have maintained a perfume review blog.  This blog covers various topics in law, film, literature, philosophy, music, art, feminism, and more in the context of reviewing perfume. On occasion, I have provided paid editorial content about beauty products and guest blogged at prominent perfume blogs. I also provide private perfume consultations for special events.

Beginning in the Fall of 2014, I will begin adding make-up and other beauty product reviews and instructional videos to the mix. 

See the "Beauty Blogging" section for beauty products oriented content.


Books & Writing

This section is focused on my efforts as a Young Adult and New Adult novelist.

It includes a blog chronicling my writing and pitching process as well as thoughts on writing.

I am currently on submission and seeking representation. See the "Books & Writing" section above for blog posts, book descriptions, and more.


On Feminism

My academic background consists of a Bachelor of Arts from Lewis & Clark College in History and Gender Studies and a Juris Doctorate from Lewis & Clark Northwest School of Law focusing on crime victims' rights advocacy, criminal law, civil rights litigation, and feminist jurisprudence.  

 For more information regarding my speaking engagements, workshops, trainings, and feminist writings, see the "Feminism" section.