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don't you wish your girlfriend
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Feminine Things.


A site covering various topics in law, film, literature, philosophy, music, art, feminism, and more in the context of reviewing perfume.


A little about me and Feminine Things.

My name is Diana and I am a perfumista.  I love:

perfume, makeup, and nail polish
all things supernatural or creeptastic
strong female characters in tv/film/books
film noir
travel, especially road trips
my cats, of which there are several
RPGS, preferably of the table top variety
smashing the patriarchy


Born and raised in Houston, TX, I’ve been a literal left coast resident for the last fifteen years. While my primary hobbies have traditionally been the purview of geeky teenage boys (role-playing games, competitive chess, CCGs, computer games, college football, sci-fi/fantasy/horror novels and movies, rock concerts, etc.), in the last few years or so I’ve discovered a more traditionally feminine side of myself. This side loves cooking, fashion magazines, fancy shoes and accessories, make-up, and perfume.

 My love for writing and perfume gives me a much needed balm for my otherwise world weary soul. I admit that I have no formal training in chemistry, perfumery, or cosmetology. My reviews are based entirely on my personal thoughts and impressions, which are cumulative and changing with every lovely sniff.

My academic background includes an undergraduate education in American history and Gender Studies and a law degree with a focus on criminal law, civil rights litigation, crime victims’ rights, and feminist jurisprudence. I am invested in the exploration of theories of privilege and oppression, especially in law and popular culture, which occasionally leaks into this blog. After trying my hand at legal work, I am now a business analyst for a tech company, and I am very happily employed in the land of ones and zeroes.

It's likely I am the best smelling lawyer/techie in the entire PNW.


Featured Reviews

Some of us were just made to take up space; we talk loud, we laugh loud, we speak up, we challenge authority, we make our own way. We even make love loud.
— I Remember When I Wasn't This Big: On Self-Esteem, Selfies, and the Culture of Thinness